Periodontal Charting

As part of your comprehensive care plan, our office features periodontal charting in Marietta, Georgia. Simply put, periodontal charting involves measuring between the surface of your tooth and your gums. Your hygienist will gently insert a probe into the area that is marked to indicate the depth of the space. In fact, if you feel a tiny bit of pressure on your teeth and gums and hear your hygienist calling out numbers, that is exactly what is happening!

Ideally, healthy gums should have a space of one to three millimeters and be snug against your tooth. A measurement of four or more millimeters can indicate the presence of bacteria and plaque consistent with the onset of periodontal disease. While measuring the gum pockets, the hygienist may also check for bleeding or swelling, which may also indicate a problem.

Our dentist will use this information to create a treatment plan for you to combat gum disease, or if it is detected soon enough, reverse it. We will continue to check the depth of the pockets to determine if a particular course of treatment is working or if a new approach is needed.

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